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Vikings vs Saints | The Final Score

Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Vikings WIN! Justin Jefferson has a much better game in the 28-25 Vikings win over the Saints. SKOL!

Your Minnesota Vikings have traveled to England to play the New Orleans Saints at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Will they get a more even play distribution to their weapons? Partially. Will Justin Jefferson return closer to week 1 JJ? He did with 10 receptions for 187 yards and a 3-yard run sweep for a touchdown. Will Adam Thielen prove the crafty vet that can bail out Kirk Cousins? He did numerous times. Can the offensive line continue to improve? At first look, they had a hard time today and it constantly left Kirk Cousins feeling the pressure. Can the defense stop a 4th down conversion? This is still a question and they did give up one conversion. All these questions and more are to be answered on Climbing The Pocket’s The Final Score going live at the final 2-minute warning.

1) Highlights

2) Lowlights

3) Speed round and your questions

4) What’s ahead

The Final Score [the name for CTP’s Postgame show] is here. There are 4 regulars and the occasional guest. The focus will be on you the fan, and how you felt the team did—hopefully racking up the wins in the regular season. Today, Matt Anderson, Flip Mazzi, Jayson Brown, and Dave will be here. Did you like what you saw? Next up, the Chicago Bears.