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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 7

The Vikings bye week edition

NFL: International Series-Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is time, once again, for the gang that powers your favorite Minnesota Vikings-centric website to make their NFL picks for the week that is upon us. Yes, we know that our favorite team won’t be taking the field this week, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a ton of other great NFL action this weekend. If you’re making picks out there somewhere, I certainly hope that you’re doing better than most of us are to this point in the season.

How did everything go for us last week?

  • Ed Brodmarkle: 9-5 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 7-7 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 9-5 straight-up, 9-5 against the spread, 8-6 over/under
  • Eric Thompson: 8-6 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 8-6 over/under
  • Mark Pittman: 8-6 straight-up, 10-4 against the spread, 6-8 over/under
  • GA Skol: 6-8 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 7-7 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 5-9 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 7-7 over/under

Yeah. . .just a flat-out embarrassing week for me all around, honestly. This might be the worst season I’ve ever had picking NFL games. Hopefully I can get things turned around here in fairly short order.

Here’s how we stack up on the season thus far:


  1. Eric Thompson: 58-35 (.624)
  2. Mark Pittman: 58-35 (.624)
  3. Ed Brodmarkle: 53-40 (.570)
  4. GA Skol: 53-40 (.570)
  5. Warren Ludford: 52-41 (.559)
  6. Christopher Gates: 48-45 (.516)

Against the Spread

  1. Mark Pittman: 60-33 (.645)
  2. Eric Thompson: 49-44 (.527)
  3. Warren Ludford: 41-50 (.451)
  4. GA Skol: 39-51 (.433)
  5. Ed Brodmarkle: 32-42 (.432)


  1. Ed Brodmarkle: 48-45 (.516)
  2. Eric Thompson: 47-46 (.505)
  3. GA Skol: 46-47 (.495)
  4. Mark Pittman: 46-47 (.495)
  5. Warren Ludford: 45-48 (.484)
  6. Christopher Gates: 40-53 (.430)

Eric is now the only person above .500 in all three of our categories, though Mark is just one game below that on his over/under picks. The rest of us have some serious work to do, it appears.

So, without any further ado, here are our selections for this week’s action.

(Odds provided by our partners at DraftKings Sportsbook.)

Unanimous Picks

5-1 Picks

4-2 Picks

3-3 Picks

Those are our picks for this week around the National Football League, ladies and gentlemen. How have your picks been going so far this season?