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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 27 October 2022


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Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s game day and the Bucs are taking on the Ravens. It could be a good game IF, and only IF, the GOAT can get his offense moving and actually scoring points.

Vikings News

Jared Allen is going into the Vikings Ring of Honor. Congratulations to Mr. Allen!

Chris takes a look at if there is a connection between Ring of Honor inductions and Vikings wins (not QBWINZ).

Oli Udoh pled not guilty to the charges from his weekend arrest. There is a lot more to find out before casting those stones.

The first injury reports of the week are out. Only one name on the list for the Vikings!

NFL News

The Bears traded pass rusher Robert Quinn to the Eagles for a 4th round pick.

cbssports takes a speculative look at one deal each team should make at the trade deadline. Spoiler. They think the Vikings should buy CB Bryce Hall and do not think the Vikings should sell anyone.

PFF offers their view on players to watch ahead of the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline.

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Tennessee
Sent: Pick 46, Pick 159
Received: Pick 56, Pick 88
Trade Partner: Buffalo
Sent: Pick 59, 2024 MIN 6th
Received: Pick 62, Pick 130
Trade Partner: Dallas
Sent: Pick 77
Received: Pick 90, Pick 125
Trade Partner: Buffalo
Sent: Pick 91
Received: Pick 94, Pick 162

56. Zach Harrison EDGE Ohio State 6-6 272

62. Dalton Kincaid TE Utah 6-4 242

88. Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon 6-2 201

90. Jaren Hall QB BYU 6-1 205

94. Olusegun Oluwatimi OC Michigan 6-3 310

125. Chase Brown RB Illinois 5-11 205

130. Mazi Smith DT Michigan 6-3 326

162. Cooper Beebe OG Kansas State 6-3 320

(Note: Chris picked the musical selection to keep up with the theme for the week.)

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