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Breaking T celebrates Justin Jefferson’s performance in London

And you can, too!

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In the Minnesota Vikings’ big victory over the New Orleans Saints in London on Sunday, wide receiver Justin Jefferson broke out of the slump he had been in, and did so in a big way. He caught ten passes for 147 yards and scored a rushing touchdown in the 28-25 triumph.

Our friends at Breaking T wanted to find a way to celebrate Jefferson’s big performance on Sunday, and I think they’ve kind of nailed it.

This design on a sweet Vikings purple shirt shows Jefferson hitting the Griddy, as is his wont. In this case, however, it’s riffing off of the classic picture that graces the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road cover as he’s doing so across one of the crosswalks of London.

Like every other Breaking T design, this shirt comes in adult and youth sizes, and you can even get it in hoodie form if that’s your preference. Sizes range from small all the way up to 3XL for both shirts and hoodies.

I think we can all “come together” and agree that this is a pretty nice design by our friends at Breaking T. If you’d like to get one for yourself, head on over to our storefront and grab one now!