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Lewis Cine undergoes first of 2 procedures for left leg injury

His recovery is going to be a long one

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The long road to recovery for Minnesota Vikings rookie Lewis Cine has officially started.

According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN, Cine underwent the first of two procedures on his injured left leg on Monday in London. He will undergo the second procedure on Tuesday, and he will remain at that London hospital until the “appropriate time,” according to Seifert’s story.

Kevin O’Connell informed the media on Monday that Cine’s injury was a compound fracture, meaning that upon fracturing the bone pierced the skin and became exposed. Seifert’s story likens what happened to Cine to the Alex Smith injury from a few years ago, an injury that happened when O’Connell was Smith’s quarterback coach in Washington.

As we know, Smith eventually resumed his career a couple of seasons after that injury. When asked, however, O’Connell didn’t have an answer about whether or not Cine would be able to come back.

“I think that’s a tough question right now,” O’Connell said. “We’ve been so short-term as far as making sure that he’s getting the care both medically and then support wise from us as an organization.”

A member of the Vikings’ medical staff will remain in London with Cine until such time as he is deemed ready to make the trip back to the United States.

Once again, we are hoping for a speedy and full recovery for Lewis Cine and hope that, at some point, we’ll get to see him out on the field in a Vikings uniform again.