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Skol Schemes, Week 8: Tales of Turnovers and Celebrations

You get a turnover, you get a turnover!

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

One of the most joyous moments in an NFL game comes shortly after a turnover. The defense makes a big play or capitalizes on an offensive mistake and what seems like an entire generation of players make their way over to the video board for a semi-coordinated, often hilarious, and selectively disrespectful celebration. Lucky for us Vikings writers, Minnesota has found a way to consistently create game-changing turnovers week after week. Week 8 was no exception.

In Week 8, the Vikings had two interceptions, a fumble recovery on special teams, and a pivotal turnover on downs. Each had its own story and earned its own celebration.

Pressure makes diamonds

Coming out of the half, both teams traded punts and then traded touchdowns. After the Vikings took a 21-17 lead, the Cardinals dialed up a deep shot for speedster Robby Anderson. Anderson may have had a step on the defense, but pressure from Khyiris Tonga and Harrison Smith’s range led to an INT.

The celebration was absolutely electric. It was layered, complex, and amounted to pure chaos on screen.

Very special Special Teams

After the Cardinals crept back to make it 28-26, the Vikings had a disappointing three and out. This was saved, however, by a special teams turnover to make Special Teams Coordinator Matt Daniels proud. After a muffed punt, Kene Nwangwu ensured that the returner could not recover his own fumble opening the way for Troy Dye to scoop this one up.

The celebration for this one was a classic. Troy Dye, who came away with the recovery, went rogue on the pose but earned the ability to do so.

Another one

With the Vikings scoring off the muffed punt recovery, the Cardinals needed to respond in a big way. Arizona crossed mid-field with a few passes and had 2nd and 7 from the Vikings' 44. Sometimes, you just need to take advantage of what the offense gives you. On Cam Bynum’s INT, Kyler Murray seemed to be on a different page than Zach Ertz. Murray may have wanted Ertz to stem his route further outside, settle the route down, or he just threw a ball he would want back. Regardless of the reason, this one resulted in a Vikings interception.

This celebration happened a little bit quicker than usual as Cam Bynum jarred with Hopkins for a second before giving us a nice look.

Though not a turnover on the stat sheet, Jordan Hicks delivered a turnover on downs with a great effort on fourth down. Hicks related to the running back out of the backfield and allowed the Cardinals to have just about 3.9 yards of the 4 that they needed to convert.

The final turnover celebration reminds us that we spend every Sunday watching human beings play a sport with ridiculous speed, violent collisions, and tremendous emotions. Jordan Hicks, former Cardinal, let it all out after stopping Eno Benjamin just short of the first down marker on the way to another victory.

Hopefully the Vikings can continue forcing turnovers and celebrating them as such as we move on to a Week 9 matchup with the Washington Commanders. Until then, we will all be studying the film to see how coordinated, chaotic, and creative the Minnesota Vikings' defense can be on the field and in the celebration line.