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Lewis Cine walking without assistance following devastating injury

Pretty darn good progress so far

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

It was just four weeks ago that Minnesota Vikings rookie safety Lewis Cine suffered a significant fracture of his left leg in the team’s victory over the New Orleans Saints in London. On Sunday, we got to see just how much progress Cine has made since then, and it’s pretty remarkable.

Courtesy of FOX 9 sports reporter Dawn Mitchell, you can see Cine (and Mario and Luigi. . .Halloween, after all) walking around U.S. Bank Stadium without assistance and without any sort of noticeable limp.

Given the nature of the injury that Cine suffered, that’s pretty remarkable. According to Pro Football Talk, while blocking on a punt return Cine broke his tibia and his fibia. He also suffered a dislocated ankle. He stayed behind in London for a few days to undergo a pair of surgical procedures before coming back to the States.

We don’t know when. . .or even if. . .Lewis Cine will be coming back at this point, but it appears that the progress he’s been making so far has been very impressive. Hopefully this will continue for him going forward and give him the opportunity to make an attempt at a comeback sooner rather than later.