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Skol Schemes, Week 4: Video Edition

Drawing out plays and talking through the Vikings win over the Saints

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints - NFL London Games 2022 - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images

Since the Vikings found a brand new way to test our cardiovascular strength, I wanted to give you all something different as well. This week, I did three separate video breakdowns that covered topics from the Vikings Week 4 win over the Saints. I want to use these videos as a way to talk through the film, explain concepts, and make connections that can be applicable later in the season. I hope you will check them out and leave some feedback.

First, I took a look at four plays from the Vikings opening drive that showed Kevin O’Connell’s commitment to beating man coverage:

Next, I went through the early interception as well as some of the red zone execution issues from Week 4:

Finally, I wanted to highlight how the Vikings set up their fake punt and the ways Justin Jefferson found success on the path to 10 catches, 147 yards, and a rushing touchdown:

As a bonus round for those sick of seeing purple, I looked at one of my favorite plays of the NFL season so far:

We’re on to Chicago.