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Previewing Bears at Vikings with Bears Talk Underground

Another good talk with our friend Larry

If we’re talking about the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings, it means that it’s time for another opportunity to sit down and talk with our friend Larry Deal from Bears Talk Underground about the matchup.

I got an opportunity to sit down with Larry and talk about a Bears at Vikings game that does not take place in the final week of the regular season, and you can listen to it right here.

We talked about how the Vikings got to where they are here this season through the first four weeks, as well as the matchup between these two teams this coming Sunday. We even threw in a little talk about wrestling and old-school Tecmo Bowl to break things up a little bit

It’s always good to talk to Larry about these matchups, and of course we’ll do it again in Week 18 when the Vikings have to travel to Soldier Field to finish the season. For now, however, we hope that you enjoy the show to preview this week’s contest.