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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 8-9 October 2022

Happy American Touch Tag Day!

NFL: SEP 11 Packers at Vikings

The team has a 3-1 record and style points do not matter. Wins are the only thing that truly matters. Of course, it is reasonable to be concerned or a little worried but the show goes on.

The Bears are up next and it is a home game tomorrow at 1:00 PM. The final injury reports are out and the Bears could be down starting cornerback Jaylon Johnson.

Since this is a division foe, the games usually are tight due to familiarity. This year may be different since the Vikings have new coaches and systems. After two games where the team had to take the lead on their last drive, they could be ready to take another large lead heading into the 4th quarter.

Beating the Bears would give the team a 3-0 start in the division which is very important.

Our weekly staff NFL picks are available and I am extremely surprised that I am having a good start doing this thing. I use the force mainly. There is a long ways to go though.

There will be some college football games on today and if you want a primer, we got you covered here.

A mock just because ...


ATL: Pick 52

MIN: Pick 69, Pick 105


CLE: Pick 105

MIN: Pick 114, Pick 210


KC: Pick 114

MIN: Pick 122, Pick 193


SF: Pick 152

MIN: Pick 158, Pick 213


21. Clark Phillips III CB Utah

69. Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech

84. Sedrick Van Pran OC Georgia

122. Jermaine Burton WR Alabama

158. Jaren Hall QB BYU

193. Drew Sanders LB Arkansas

210. Gabe Hall DT Baylor

213. Jammie Robinson S Florida State

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