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Vikings vs Bills - Game Balls

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

That was a fantastically nerve wracking, frustrating, disappointing, enjoyable, exciting, exhilarating game! Wow! Every thing you can think of almost happened. Both teams had chances to win or lose. In the end, the good guys won!

There were so many plays that could have turned it against the Vikings. But luck and a lack of Bills’ players brain power was on our side. Josh Allen had a couple of terrible picks although the first one was on 4th down. His fumble should have been catastrophic. They were given a reprieve thanks to poor officiating. But really, they never should have been there if the Bills DB would have simply knocked down the pass he tried to intercept but was circumvented by a great great catch by JJ. I do not know how many times I heard announcers say on Hail Mary situations that you only need to knock it down. That 4th and 18 play was basically a Hail Mary. I’ll take them anyway they come after the last two years. This team is bound and determined to test every fans’ cardiac fitness that is for dang sure.

Onto the Game Balls.

Big Balls Award

Justin Jefferson.

10 catches - 193 yards - 1 TD. Nuff said.

Two Balls Award

Dalvin Cook.

14 carries - 119 yards - 1 TD.

His 81 yard scamper really was the game changer for me. It was not looking purty (like me) up to that point.

Patrick Peterson -

4 tackles - 2 passes defended - 2 huge picks

Harrison Phillips

He played a season high 54 snaps and had 7 pressures according to PFF.

One Ball Award

Kirk “8Chains” Cousins

30 completions out of 50 attempts for 357 yards with 1 TD and 2 picks. He hung in there and made great throws after the picks.

Eric Kendricks

10 tackles

Chandon Sullivan

9 tackles - 2 passes defended

No Balls Award

I could mention a couple of players but the game was so fantastic that it would not feel right.

I will say I have no love for dudes that put their foot on the ball though.

Who are your game balls winner?