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2022 Linear Super Bowl title moves to Washington

After all this time, finally a change!

Super Bowl LVI - Head Coach & MVP Press Conference Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

We haven’t had the opportunity to do a post tracking this year’s Linear Super Bowl title for a while because. . .well, because the Philadelphia Eagles have hogged the thing since they beat our Minnesota Vikings back in Week 2.

For those of you that are scratching your heads and wondering what the “Linear Super Bowl” is, I’ll fill you in. See, back in Week 1 when the Vikings thoroughly embarrassed the Green Bay Packers and the entire state of Wisconsin at U.S. Bank Stadium, the fan base with the biggest entitlement complex this side of Veruca Salt jumped on social media and confidently declared that the Vikings had won their Super Bowl.

Which is the kind of thing you say when you believe that spending $275 on a PowerPoint slide printed on some cardstock makes you an NFL owner.

Anyway, we decided to join up with our friends Arif and James at Norse Code and track the Linear Super Bowl title for this year. Obviously, the Vikings held the trophy after their Week 1 victory, and then promptly lost it to the Eagles in Week 2.

And then the Eagles just kept winning and winning and stood as the NFL’s last undefeated team. . .until just a few minutes ago.

The Eagles lost their Monday Night Football matchup tonight to the Washington Commanders, a team that the Vikings were mocked for having a difficult time defeating a couple of weeks ago. That means that the 2022 Linear Super Bowl title now sits in the hands of Ron Rivera and the Commanders until somebody takes it from them.

It also means that the Vikings can’t directly take the Linear Super Bowl title back because they’ve already played the Commanders. Unless they should meet in the playoffs or something.

The Commanders’ first opportunity to defend their Linear Super Bowl title will be this coming Sunday when they travel to the Lone Star State to take on the Houston Texans. This will be Houston’s second chance at winning the Linear Super Bowl title, as they lost to Philadelphia earlier this season.

Congratulations to the Washington Commanders on capturing the 2022 Linear Super Bowl title for however long they might hold it.

2022 Linear Super Bowl

  • Week 1 - Minnesota Vikings (defeated Green Bay Packers)
  • Week 2 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 3 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 4 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Week 5 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Arizona Cardinals)
  • Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Dallas Cowboys)
  • Week 7 - Philadelphia Eagles (bye week)
  • Week 8 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Week 9 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 10 - Washington Commanders (defeated Philadelphia Eagles)