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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 10 Vikings at Bills

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Time for my favorite article. It can be slim pickings when there is a great game like this week, but there are always a few nincompoops out there, even during the great games.

Greg Joseph

Why is Greg a nincompoop? The team scored a TD to cut the lead to 4 with the XP pending. Greg doinked the upright when the team needed him most. His XP on the go-ahead score split the uprights down the middle. The FG in OT split the uprights down the middle. His lack of focus on that XP could’ve cost the team the game. He is a nincompoop for not getting his head right for that kick.

NFL Officials

Why are the officials nincompoops? They were completely inconsistent on Sunday. There was a series where TJ Hockenson likely committed OPI. Two plays later Hockenson had his jersey yanked from behind by the defender and no call. Several times Justin Jefferson was clearly held and no call. The late pass to setup the game tying FG for the Bills was helped by a 20-yard pass to Gabriel Davis was clearly incomplete. It was called complete, and the replay booth did not even stop the play to review. After stopping several plays and taking forever to see if Kendricks was in the end zone. The final offense was on 1st and goal in overtime. There were 12 men on the field for the Bills and Cook was stopped for a 3-yard loss. The penalty was missed, and the Vikes were stopped for a FG.

Josh Allen

Why is Josh a nincompoop? Josh can’t get out of his own way sometimes. He gets overly aggressive when he doesn’t need to be. He has all the talent in the world, but never seems to learn from his mistakes. The fumble to put the Vikings ahead late in the 4th quarter was largely caused by him not taking the 0.5 seconds to secure the ball. He pushed forward and didn’t get a grip before his WR pushed him forward. It cost his team the game. The game ending interception was unnecessarily aggressive. It was 2nd and 10 and the Bills drove down the field with ease. He forced in a ball that sealed their fate. I appreciate the nincompoopery by Josh, but he needs to know better by now.

Middle of the Game Kirk Cousins

Why is MotGKC a nincompoop? For what seems like the 100th time this season Kirk has disappeared for the middle of the game. It nearly cost the team against Washington and nearly cost the team again this week. He tossed two really bad interceptions and could not get anything going. He just looks terrible during long stretches of the game. It has worked out 8 out of 9 times this season, but that likely won’t work come playoff time. The team needs Kirk to figure this out before it really cost them big when it counts.


Who is your Nincompoop of the Week?

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    Greg Joseph
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    NFL Officials
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    Josh Allen (thank you!)
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    Middle of the Game Kirk Cousins
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