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Daily Norseman on the Airwaves

Daily Norseman’s Eric Thompson made a couple of guest appearances to discuss the wild Vikings win over the Bills.

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A funny thing happens when your favorite team wins an epic overtime battle that is universally declared the game of the year: lots of people want to talk about it after the fact. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of those conversations recorded on Monday.

First, I started the day talking to the KFGO Morning Crew in my old stomping grounds of Fargo, ND with the incredulity still fresh in my voice from the day before. We discussed the wild ride of the Vikings victory over the Bills and the 2022 season on the whole. We touched on the questionable refereeing decisions and non-calls, how the team has flourished under Kevin O’Connell, and how the national media is finally taking the Vikings seriously.

You can listen to the full appearance below:

On Monday evening, I took a deeper dive into all things Vikings/Bills along with my old pal, the Sports Renaissance Man himself, Chase Thomas. Me, Chase, and Evan Sowards went longform on the unbelievable victory over the Bills, Justin Jefferson’s insane catch, and what the chances are of the Vikings winning the NFC now. We also discussed a slew of Week 10 NFL storylines, including the Evan’s 49ers surviving against the Chargers on SNF, fellow North Dakota State alum Christian Watson’s breakout game for the Packers, the NFC contenders, the downtrodden Raiders losing to the Colts and Jeff Saturday, the “White Walker” Titans climbing up the AFC standings, the Ravens coming together and much, much more. Being a guest on Chase’s show always feels like sitting and talking sports with a buddy at a bar, especially with Evan. You can watch our hour-long conversation below. If looking at my mug is a bit too much for your taste, you can get the audio version of the show on Apple, Spotify, Google, or Stitcher as well.

Thanks to both Chase and the folks at KFGO for having me on their shows. Talking Vikings wins is always fun, especially when they’re all-timers.