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‘Game of the Year’ - What’s Your Take?

Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings on the ‘Game of the Year’ after the Minnesota Vikings beat the Buffalo Bills in an epic battle.

Viking Hot Takes is back after what is being called the “Game of the Year’. What’s your take? Was it? Your Minnesota Vikings headed on the road to face the one team favored to win the Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills. In a snowy and blustery game, the Vikes proved they belong by triumphing in one of the most memorable regular season games of this century. In the fourth quarter, Purple was down by 17 but never gave up. The defense stiffened and the offense got into gear to ultimately win the game 33-30 in overtime.

Flip got wild, Eric was amazed, and they are here with their latest hot takes. You can read the questions below. How would you answer them? Watch and join the conversation as they engage in their 6 questions in a 20-minute format. When they are on the clock, will they do what it takes to be like the Vikings this season? Join them and find out.

Flip asks:

1. Are you ready to get hurt again?

2. Is Dalvin Cook worth his contract?

3. Which NFC wildcard team scares you the most?

Eric asks:

1. Was that the craziest regular season game you have ever watched?

2. Bigger surprise this season: Kirk Cousins or Patrick Peterson?

3. Do the Vikings keep the win streak going on Sunday?

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