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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 11

Let’s get to it!

NFL: International Series-Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached the part of the week where the guys that power your favorite Minnesota Vikings website take a look around the league and decide who they’re casting their lot with for the week’s games. Yes, it’s time for our weekly staff NFL picks, where we always hope that your picks are going a whole lot better than ours.

It was a pretty rough week for most of us last week. Here’s how we fared with our selections.

  • GA Skol: 8-6 straight-up, 9-5 against the spread, 7-7 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 7-7 straight-up, 9-5 against the spread, 7-7 over/under
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 7-7 straight-up, 8-6 against the spread, 6-7 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 7-7 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 8-6 over/under
  • Mark Pittman: 6-8 straight-up, 7-7 against the spread, 7-7 over/under
  • Eric Thompson: 4-10 straight-up, 6-8 against the spread, 6-8 over/under

A rare off week for Eric last week, while the rest of us sort of hovered around the .500 mark. Strangely, five of the six of us managed to do better against the spread last week than we did on our straight-up picks. But, overall, not the greatest of weeks for any of us.

Here are our standings to this point in the season.


  1. Eric Thompson: 91-58 (.611)
  2. Mark Pittman: 90-58 (.608)
  3. Ed Brodmarkle: 88-61 (.591)
  4. GA Skol: 87-62 (.584)
  5. Warren Ludford: 87-62 (.584)
  6. Christopher Gates: 85-64 (.570)

Against the Spread

  1. Mark Pittman: 87-59 (.596)
  2. Eric Thompson: 77-70 (.524)
  3. Christopher Gates: 74-72 (.507)
  4. Warren Ludford: 72-74 (.493)
  5. GA Skol: 71-75 (.486)
  6. Ed Brodmarkle: 63-67 (.485)


  1. Ed Brodmarkle: 78-70 (.527)
  2. Eric Thompson: 74-75 (.497)
  3. GA Skol: 74-75 (.497)
  4. Mark Pittman: 73-74 (.497)
  5. Warren Ludford: 72-77 (.483)
  6. Christopher Gates: 65-84 (.436)

Eric’s brief stumble has tightened things up a bit in the straight-up category as everyone is now within six games of the top spot. Mark continues to crush everyone in the spread picks, and while we’re getting better at the over/under picks. . .well, some of us are, anyway. . .Ed has a pretty decisive lead there as well.

With that, here are our picks for this week, powered by our friends at Tallysight. As always, lines might be different based on when each of us punched our picks into the system and picks can be changed right up until kickoff. For the latest lines and numbers for all the NFL games this week, be sure to check out our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Unanimous Picks

5-1 Picks

4-2 Picks

3-3 Picks

Those are the picks for this week, folks. We’ve only got a consensus on six games this week, which seems like a lot less than we usually have. Maybe there will be some movement around the standings this week.

Let us know how your picks are going so far!