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We’re doing a live watch party for Cowboys/Vikings

And you’re invited!

Tomorrow’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and our Minnesota Vikings is a pretty big one, and as such we wanted to do something a bit special for it. So, we’re going to do something that we’ve done for a few significant games that the Vikings have played recently.

Yes, it’s time for another live watch party courtesy of our friends at Vikings Report with Drew and Ted!

Yours truly will join Drew Bunting and Ted Glover to provide an alternative for those that might not want to listen to the regular commentary on CBS. We always have a lot of fun with these things and, given that this is Drew and Ted, I assume that there are going to be prizes given away for interacting with the show and things of that nature.

Obviously, we can’t actually show the game or anything because we don’t need the NFL kicking down our doors. But we’ll be providing commentary that you can watch along with your broadcast at home. You know, kind of like when you watch The Wizard of Oz and fire up Dark Side of the Moon instead of the movie dialogue.

As I’ve done for all of the games that we’ve done live watch parties for, I’ll be putting the embed of the video into the quarterly Open Threads so that people can have it to listen to. Alternatively, you can go to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel and pull things up there. That way you can interact with other fans and with the show as well.

We hope that you’ll join us for our live watch party for this weekend’s game between the Cowboys and the Vikings and that, if you do, you’ll have as much fun as we anticipate having.