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Grade The Trade

Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings trading for tight end T.J. Hockenson, kicker Greg Joseph, and more, along with your takes. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Viking Hot Takes is back after false starts, holding calls, and pass interference on the highways of Los Angeles. The Minnesota Vikings traded with the Detroit Lions for tight end T.J. Hockenson. They are asked to grade the trade. What is your take on the trade? The guys take a critical eye on the team and wonder if they are as good as previous Vikings teams starting 6-1. Are they? Will they have the same success or more? This, and their questions get you thinking.

Join us as Flip from Climbing The Pocket will battle Eric Thompson from the Daily Norseman for the 40th episode of Viking Hot Takes on the Climbing The Pocket channel on Tuesday night. You read that right. In this episode, Flip and Eric follow the usual format of the show, with 3 questions each in the 20-minute, and no rolling around on bear skin rugs or doing mushrooms. That would be weird.

Flip asks:

1. Grade the TJ Hockenson trade.

2. What’s the biggest hole on the Vikings’ starting roster?

3. When was the last time the Vikings were 6-1?

Eric asks:

1. Is Irv Smith Jr. done in Minnesota?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you trust Greg Joseph?

3. Which seed will the Vikings get in the NFC playoffs?

Fan with us!!! Flip Mazzi @Flipmazzi and Eric Thompson @eric_j_thompson go back and forth, and a spot by producer Dave @Luft_Krigare as part of a @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s production. Also, with our newest partner at CTP, Lake Monster Brewing @LakeMonsterBrew as we venture beneath the surface in search of something unknown and extraordinary. This is in their wonderful beverage selections and our coverage of your favorite team. And if you are into some rocking wood art, check out That’s Bad Ass Wood Art at @thatsbadassmn.