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NFL Week 11 Early Games Discussion

The appetizer before the main event

Houston Texans v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 11 in the National Football League, folks, where the Green Bay Packers have already lost. That’s pretty cool.

Our Minnesota Vikings don’t play until later on this afternoon, but there’s still plenty of great NFL action for us to take in before then, which can only mean one thing.

Yes, we’ve got ourselves another modified, limited RED ZONE SUNDAY on our hands, ladies and gentlemen! This is an opportunity to kick back and watch all of the NFL action leading up to today’s game and see if the rest of the NFC North can keep losing as well.

Here are the broadcast maps from the good folks at 506 Sports for those of you that don’t have the Red Zone Channel so you can see what games are available in your area.

Early Games on CBS

Early Games on FOX

The yellow area represents a game in the FOX late window (Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos) that we really don’t care about because the Vikings game will be on.

Sunday Night Football this week will see the second game of the season between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, while Monday Night Football originates from Mexico City this week with a matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers.

We’ll be starting the Open Threads for our game at around 2:30 PM Central time, but in the meantime feel free to hang out here and watch the rest of Week 11 in the NFL!