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The Vikings’ loss vs. the Cowboys is one of the largest losses in team history

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of talk leading up to the game on Sunday about how the 8-1 Vikings, who were fresh off a win over the Super Bowl-contending Buffalo Bills, were underdogs at home vs. the 6-3 Dallas Cowboys.

Many fans felt like the team was being disrespected and that if they weren’t favored at home, there was just no way to convince the national media that this Vikings team was good. Unfortunately, the Vikings didn’t help themselves, as they were annihilated on national television by the Cowboys, 40-3.

As if the game wasn’t bad enough though. This game went down as one of the worst defeats in franchise history and the second-largest home loss in team history.

There is hope that maybe this game is a wake-up call for a rookie coaching staff, but the Vikings will need to respond quickly as they look to face the New England Patriots in another primetime matchup on Thursday night. If they win, maybe the national media will respect the bounce-back performance. Lose, and this team will have to continue to try and prove they are legit.