Rocky Road

Yes, we have a new regime, lumps will be made. Young players like Engram, Booth, Bynum and Evans will learn on the job for the future. But one thing I hope ends once this season is through is Ed Donatell. Until today and Philly we were the undisputed 4th quarter kings. But during that win streak we made the Heinekes, Miami's kid, Goff, etc look like all pros. It should have never been that way. Donatell is one stubborn man. Zim like without the snarl. 3-26? No pressure packages, same exact defense as the plays before. Runs up the middle gouging us for huge gains and sustained drives? Same basic shell defense and no extra lineman to plug the holes or adjustments.

Look at the good teams. EVERY one of them brings blitzes and adapts to the game. Donatell?? Never. He does not bend, he gives up the whole field in a constant prevent mode, its more of a constant break. Luckily we have play makers who can step up before things get to out of hand. Not today though. This was one step away from the 41-0 Giants beat down.

Its maddening he refuses to blitz. I have seen enough to know this is not Fangio style, and I hope he is not around next year with this awful style of defense. I like 3-4, but this is weird and very generic.

Of course, I never expected us to make the super bowl this year, and I still do not. If things go well this off season, next year we can be legit.

KOC has to realize the single back set with Chef is not going to work behind this line in pass blocking. Put Mundt in the backfield or Ham. Everyone is blaming KC, but lets face it, Mahomes, Rodgers, all of the greats would not do much better. Today a 63% pressure rate. Thats insane. KOC did nothing to slow it down. No quick passes, no extra beef in the backfield. Very disappointing. Im totally sick of 4 years of shitty oline pass blocking. Just over it.

New England is no joke at all on defense and I would not count this as a win at all.

Of course, I am happy at 8-2. Still, today was not a loss, it was a savage mashing, a total embarrassment. Lets hope this is a wake up call!


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