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Vikings vs Cowboys - Game Balls


Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Vikings vs Cowboys - Game Balls

It was very tough coming up with a good reason or enough options to even bother with this post. But the show must go on. This was a complete dismantling of the Vikings by the Cowboys. The Vikings were riding high after upsetting the Bills at home and grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat last week in the game of the year so far. The Cowboys were coming off a semi-demoralizing defeat against the hapless Packers. Yet the odds makers had the Vikings as slight home underdogs. Apparently they knew more than most thought.

The Cowboys controlled the time of possession 37:24 to 22:36. They gained 458 yards to the Vikings 183. They ran the ball 40 times for 151 yards. If there is a blueprint to beat the Vikings then I think we just saw it. I expect the Patriots to try and pound the rock as well. Keep the Vikings off the field and get after the QB when they do have the ball.

It was ugly. Losing is OK but getting shellacked at home is most disappointing. I think that every year each team will get its pants pulled down and they’ll get spanked. Last year the Vikings lost to the Packers 37-10 in a game that was 30-3 late in the 3rd quarter. In 2020, they lost to the Colts 28-11 in a game where the score was 28-3 midway through the 4th quarter. There is always one game where the team simply lays an egg. Hopefully, this was it.

So, how can anyone deserve a game ball after that game?

Which player had balls?

Two Balls Award

Kirk Cousins - This dude was sacked 7 times, hit another 13 times, and pressured 63% of the time he dropped back to pass. His stats were not good but the fact that he managed to take all those hits and not get hurt (knock on wood) gets him the game balls from me. I will say I still want to see him run more to buy time when possible.

No Balls Award

I would say this goes to most of the rest of the team especially the boys on both lines of scrimmage. When you let your QB get beat up like that and you let the other team run for 151 yards and control the clock that long then there are no awards.

Oddly, PFF graded Cleveland at 85/2 and O’Neill at 71.9. They can throw those in the trash.

I shouldn’t bother but who are your game ball winners?