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Are The Vikings At A Turning Point?

Yes, they are, and they better figure out which way to go. Play dominant football or implode against good defenses.

On this The Real Forno Show - The Minnesota Vikings did what they did multiple times during the Mike Zimmer era: forget to show up at home and get destroyed in an embarrassing fashion. They lost 40-3 to a very good Dallas Cowboys team that did whatever they wanted to the Vikings on both offense and defense.

This isn’t new for a lot of this Vikings’ team. You can look back to 2016 vs the Indianapolis Colts, 2018 vs the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears in week 17, and the Atlanta Falcons in 2020. The one that is interesting was the loss to the Bills and getting beat by a rookie Josh Allen. They played on Thursday night that same week against the Los Angeles Rams and played really well in a 38-31 game loss that changed everything for Mike Zimmer.

This is only the second loss for head coach Kevin O’Connell but it’s also his biggest adversity to date. This is a turning point for this Vikings team. How will they respond? Are they going to come out firing? Was it just an emotional letdown from this past Sunday against the Bills? They could go one of two ways. They could turn left and let the injuries and lack of a plan B, like a quick passing game, or max protect on the O-line derail the season. Or… They could also turn right and be motivated by this blowout and return to winning and learning to dominate teams and establish that they are for real and not just overly lucky. The choice will make or break KOC’s first season. Can he do it, especially with the #1 defense of the New England Patriots coming to town for a Thanksgiving evening battle? 202211

Welcome to The Real Forno Show.

- Vikings vs Cowboys

- At a turning point

- Can KOC respond?

All of that and more on Monday night’s The Real Forno Show! Join us LIVE at 6 pm central.

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