Awesome Win..... But....

So great to see the win last night in a back-and-forth game. I'm not going to be Debbie Downer on victory Friday in relation to the Defense or lack of running game, but can we please talk about:


Now, usually, I'm on team "stick with the kicker", because I feel like kickers will usually get out of their funk if they're good kickers. However, GJ is a serious problem and I don't know if he's going to get it together. At this point, it's like he has the yips in golf. I had the chipping yips for a while and it's just awful. You feel like you're never going to pull yourself out and sometimes you can't. Thankfully I did, but it's always lurking.

Looking at the stats this morning, I'm somewhat surprised by one thing.... he's perfect up to 50 yards on FGs. So, that's comforting if you're still on team "stick with kicker".

However, he's 1 for 6 over 50 yards and has now missed 5 XPs!! The 5 XPs is just plain unacceptable. How can you be perfect up to 50 on FGs and then miss 5 XPs?? Which stat do you believe.

I guess I'm still on team "stick with kicker", but I'd definitely be trying out kickers in the next 10 days and making sure I had a plan B ready in the holster.

What say you? What team are you on?

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