Bring Out the Kirken!

In the previous 5 games, the Patriots had allowed the following points scored against them:

0, 15, 14, 17, 3, and 3.

I could not quite picture, before this game, how the Vikings could score in excess of 30 points, much less how they could do that when Dalvin Cook got stoned for 42 yds in 20 attempts. Admittedly Pats had faced some pretty marginal offenses, but they have Belichick and we have a rookie coach and are down to one legitimate starting NFL cornerback healthy to play. (who, by the way, made a MAN play when he wrestled that dude in bounds on the tackle to keep the clock running).

Cousins has a whip. He throws as tight a ball on a consistent basis as any NFL QB. Part of his problem is his arm and accuracy are so tremendous that when he throws a pick you almost automatically assume it's a mental error.

A Thursday night home game is a gift. Away team has to travel, short week, no time, make mental errors like running into the kicker or three DBs follow Justin Jefferson leaving I guess all the other eligible receives including Adam Thielen totally uncovered.

Back to Cousins. He made a mental error on the pick, threw a bad one, then came back and threw darts in tight spaces.

That's the Kirken. Ryan Wright is Kirken/Kraken too.

Brandel is on his way to a long career. That was Trent Brown he kept off of Cousins pretty much all night (with some help, unlike last week). In fact, the Oline didn't run block much, but they sure did pass protect. If you have to have one or the other, and you have Cousins and Jefferson, I thin, pass pro is probably more critical.

Despite it not producing many yards, I liked O'Connell sticking with the run game whether we were ahead or behind. New England had to defend that all game long, leaving them short-stacked in the backfield when they needed 4 DBs to quadruple team JJ because the triple team was insufficient.

This was a much better, more sustained and consistent offensive effort than the Vikings have put together really all season. They did some positive things in every quarter. When the D got it together in the fourth quarter, when it mattered,

we won.

again. 9 and 2, and won 2 of three in the hardest stretch of the season. not bad.

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