The Zim vs Rick debate is over...

So last year there was a lot of debate over who had failed more... Rick or Zim.

I think at this point it is clear that while Rick failed to work with Zim and thus needed to be replaced, he in the end of the day was a fairly good GM. The majority of the talent on the current team was brought here by Traaaiiider Ryck.

His biggest point of failure was that he stuck with Zim longer than he should.

There were signs as early as 2015 that Zim was a my way or the highway I won't change so you need to fit me style coach.

Look at all the Offensive Coordinators who came and went.
Look at how well the offense was running in 2018 when JDF was first working with Cousins. Yeah we were losing, but it was not due to the offense.

Zim was toxic and Rick should have parted ways with him by mid-year 2019.

We've yet to see what KAM will do with the draft and it is far too soon to say he's a great GM. But what i've seen with his trades (especially picking up the Hock) and hiring KOC over the media darling Harbaugh has impressed me.

KOC is such a blast of fresh air after the toxic gas cloud that Zim was.

So in short. Rick built a good team, and will soon be hired as a GM someplace else if he wants it. His biggest error was sticking with Zim too dang long.

Zim is done. this year has proven he's spent, too old school, and Radioactive fallout level toxic.

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