Why Not Two Kickers?

Greg Joseph, Vikings kicker, is asked to do several difficult things: boot very long kick-offs, make field goals from various ranges, and make extra points.

At extra points he is 23 of 28 this year, the worst success percentage in the league. Last year, he was second-worst at this job, and in 2020 he was third-worst. There’s a pattern here. I daresay there’s a crisis. Every Viking fan dreads the day in January or February when the team loses a game by one point because of a missed extra point. No doubt Joseph dreads it too, in the middle of the night. I would guess that every player on the team worries about it to some degree—"I’m out here killing myself and our kicker can’t kick a frickin’ extra point??"

Somewhere in the world there’s a person who can kick extra points 100 percent of the time, or let’s say 95 to 98 percent, who is not currently employed by a football team, who’s not real good at long kick-offs but is very good at that one thing. Maybe the Vikings should expand their thinking to embrace the possibility of finding this person and turn over that duty to him or her—i.e., to have two kickers.

The arguments against this idea are (a) "We need every precious roster spot for mainstream players"; (b) "It’s never been done before" and (c) "Greg should be able to do all of the tasks—he’s working hard on it and will come around eventually." I don’t see these as good arguments. Re (a): games are often very close these days; single points seem to matter a whole lot more than in the past. Re (b): so what? Re (c): why wait until disaster hits in the postseason?

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