Draft Scouts

I remember hearing/reading that KAM kept all Spielman's draft people as there wasn't really time to sort through everyone prior to the draft this summer. I'm wondering if there has been anything else about whether they've made changes since then. I hope not. The longer we go this year the more and more impressive the 2020 draft is looking and 2021 isn't looking as bad as previously feared either.

So far returns aren't great on the 2022 draft, but a lot of that is injury luck and the fact that the team is good and playing a bunch of veterans.


If you look at the 2020 draft class, Gladney was a miss, but all 3 of the other picks in the first 3 rounds were hits (PFF has Cleveland as the 8th best G in the league, which I think is high but still..) Even in their (3) fourth round picks, they got 2 solid backups and a special teamer. KJ Osborn in the 5th, Brandel was a serviceable backup T in the 6th, Metellus has played well this year. That's a lot of contributors out of one draft.


After last year this looked like Darrisaw was OK/good and then basically nothing. Jones II was hurt, Bynum ended the year pretty poorly and basically had 2 good games on his resume. There was some ISM optimism.

Fast forward to now and Darrisaw looks like an absolute home run, the 1st (3) 3rd rounders are gone but Jones II looks like an average/good backup edge, Nwangwu is an above average returner and looks like he could play RB in a pinch. Bynum has shown at this point he is average, not great but playable. Basically a star, meh starter, good backup and good special teams player. This is a pretty good draft IMO.


It is way too early to evaluate any of these guys, but this has become the group to complain about over the last week or two because you can't complain too much about a 9-2 team. Even though Ingram hasn't been playing well I could absolutely see a world where 2/4 of the top 4 picks from the 2022 draft are starting next year. I could see Asamoah starting by the end of this year. Evans is looking like a great pick in the 4th. Outside of that, it is still wait and see for me. Cine got hurt before we got to really see anything either way and Booth didn't look good but maybe that was due to injury and maybe he just needed a year to learn. People seem high on Chandler, I am interested to see if we see some playing time from Nailor next year.

We could go back further, but I'm tired. I think '19 was meh, '18 was good and '17 was not great. I hope at least some of the people making player draft evaluations from the past several years are still there to help KAM.

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