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Vikings vs Commanders - Play Better & Keep Winning!

What a fantastic show! Darren and Dave delivered today with no letdowns. Let’s hope the Vikings do the same against the Commanders tomorrow! They break down what to expect in the game tomorrow, the Vikings vs Commanders. Can Taylor Heinicke play a spoiler? Will TJ Hockenson make a difference in his first game as a Viking? Can my young blocking stud, Ed Ingram click and get effective at pass blocking? We all want to know, so join us. SKOL!

In today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers - a lot of Minnesota Vikings fans are looking ahead to next week with a possible matchup with the 7-1 Buffalo Bills. They need to work on the Washington Commanders first. Your Vikings are playing the Washington Commanders and have to beat them to continue their winning streak. The Bills play the NY Jets and will have to do the same thing, but this pregame show focuses on the contest against the Commanders.

Darren and Dave will be focusing on three things with the first being, does the TJ Hockenson trade make the Vikings a Super Bowl contender? The second is that the Vikings need to play better, especially at three positions: cornerback, right guard, and kicker. Cameron Dantzler, Ed Ingram, and Greg Joseph all need to improve, but the whole team does as well so that it can punch above its weight. Thirdly we’re here to break down the Vikings versus Commanders game.

Can the screen door-kicking Taylor Heinicke lead his team against one of the hottest teams in the NFC and win? We hope not, and will explain why. Find out why on today’s show.

This and more today on 2OB.

Here are the themes for the show:

Theme #1: Does the T.J. Hockenson trade make the Vikings a Super Bowl contender?

Theme #2: Vikings who have to play better

Theme #3: Vikings at Commanders

Darren Campbell and David Stefano are the Two Old Bloggers. Both started public commentary on the Vikings two decades ago on various blogs. They now do it via live streams on YouTube and Facebook. We appreciate your team fandom and that you are taking the time to enjoy it with us.

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