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Cowboys/Vikings Week 11 matchup not flexed by NFL

But it could now get a wider audience

NFL-Minnesota Vikings at Washington Commanders Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images

When the National Football League decides to “flex” games on the schedule into or out of prime time, they have to give enough time for the teams and facilities involved to make preparations for it. The league’s deadline for flexing Week 11 matchups was today, and while the game that is being flexed does not involve the Minnesota Vikings, the decision is likely going to help our game go out to a wider audience.

The NFL has elected to flex the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers into the Sunday Night Football slot for Week 11. The game that was originally scheduled for that time, the Cincinnati Bengals at the Pittsburgh Steelers, is now being moved to the late afternoon slot on CBS.

That CBS late afternoon spot. . .the Week 11 game will not be on FOX. . .is where the Cowboys/Vikings game resides. Prior to the Chiefs/Chargers game being flexed, that was set to be the featured game in the CBS late afternoon spot, with Cowboys/Vikings being a secondary game for most markets. However, the Cowboys/Vikings matchup will now be the one that CBS puts out to the majority of the country in that late window, meaning that there will be markets that weren’t originally scheduled to get the Cowboys/Vikings game that should now get it.

We’re waiting for the maps for this week from the good folks at 506 Sports so that we can share with everyone exactly who will be getting the Cowboys/Vikings game and who won’t.

The Vikings’ next potential flex game will come in Week 13 when they host the surprising New York Jets at U.S. Bank Stadium. The current Sunday night game for that week features Dallas hosting Indianapolis, which isn’t really a great matchup given how terrible Indy has been this year. We’ll see if the league decides to move the Vikings into a prime time slot for that one.