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Vikings at Lions - Underdog?! | Two Old Bloggers

We have a great show lined up, from should Jalen Reagor be used more, the anatomy of a concussion, and is there a better solution for Darrisaw and Evans, to breaking down the Kitties. Should they be as hyped as much as they are? Can the Vikings prove Vegas wrong & clinch?

On today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers - your 10-2 Minnesota Vikings travel to the Motor City to play the Detroit Lions. The Lions are favored by Las Vegas and the odds makers by two points. That seems odd when you have a team that has only lost two games all season playing one that is under .500. How can the Vikings be the underdog?

Before we get into the game on Sunday, we’re going to look at whether Jalen Reagor should be taking more snaps with the offense. KJ Osborn has played hundreds of more snaps this season, but Jalen in his relatively small sample size is producing better. He has the pedigree of being a first-round draft choice with blazing speed, but why isn’t he getting more involved in the offense?

Then Dave will take a deep dive into concussions. Christian Darrisaw and Akayleb Evans have both suffered multiple concussions this season. They both have been in and out of the protocol. Christian Darrisaw may play on Sunday, even though that is questionable. Evans was put on IR so that he can recover from his latest. Is there a way to better protect the players from getting them again, or in the first place?

Then Darren and Dave will preview the game against the Detroit Lions. Yes, their offense has been good, but their defense ranks dead last. Yes, they have won the last four out of five games, but what was the quality of the teams they played? We do know that Amon-Ra St. Brown and the offensive line of theirs is top notch in the league, but is that enough to cause Vegas to favor them over your Minnesota Vikings? This, and more on today’s 20B.

Theme #1: More Jalen Reagor, less K.J. Osborn?

Theme #2: Concussions, Protocols, & Helmets

Helmet testing results can be found here. NFL Concussion Protocol is here.

Theme #3: Vikings vs Lions Preview

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