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Justin Jefferson is better than Randy Moss and Cris Carter says. . .Cris Carter

That’s some pretty damn high praise

Minneapolis MN 11/19/01 Vikings vs New York Football Giants. Cris Carter goes for a piggyback ride on Randy Moss after Moss scored his 3rd touchdown of the game in the 4th quarter during Monday night NFL action at the Metrodome.

Over most of the past three decades, the Minnesota Vikings have been pretty blessed at the wide receiver position. From Randy Moss, Cris Carter, and Jake Reed to Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs and now on to Justin Jefferson, there have been a lot of incredible receivers to put on the purple and gold. But Justin Jefferson, who hasn’t been in the league three full seasons, might already be the best of them all.

So sayeth Cris Carter himself.

On her show Up and Adams, former Good Morning Football host Kay Adams asked Carter to rank himself, Randy Moss, and Justin Jefferson from 1 to 3. Carter put himself in the third spot and then proceeded to put Moss second, placing Jefferson in the top spot.

You can see the clip from the interview here.

Carter went on to praise Moss and emphasize that placing him in second wasn’t a slight on him, but rather an acknowledgment of all the things that Jefferson is capable of. Carter also says that he believes there are a lot of things that Jefferson does better than Moss does, such as catching the ball in traffic and getting in and out of his routes.

I have to say I was pretty surprised that Carter put Jefferson ahead of his former teammate in his rankings on Adams’ show. Then again, given that Jefferson is set to obliterate Moss’ single-season team receiving yardage record and has already surpassed him for receiving yardage over a player’s first three seasons, maybe I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am.


How would YOU rank Cris Carter, Justin Jefferson, and Randy Moss?

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    Jefferson, Moss, Carter
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