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Justin Jefferson now in Top 10 in Vikings’ history in receiving yardage

Yes, more ridiculousness

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s been four or five minutes since we talked about how ridiculously good Justin Jefferson is, so let’s take a minute to do that now.

After his big performance on Sunday. . .yes, in a loss, but it was still a huge performance. . .Jefferson vaulted himself into the top ten in the Minnesota Vikings’ record books in terms of receiving yardage. He now has 4,516 career receiving yards, which puts him tenth in franchise history.

Jefferson has done this in just 46 career games, which is crazy to think about. To get into the top ten, he just passed Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph is now #11 in franchise history in receiving yardage with 4,488, a number that it took him 140 games in purple to compile.

Barring injury, he’ll jump up to #9 on this list before the end of the season. The player that currently sits at #9? Stefon Diggs, who Jefferson was, essentially, traded for leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft. Diggs put up 4,623 yards in 70 games as a member of the Vikings.

Jefferson won’t get any higher than #9 this season. . .Ahmad Rashad currently sits in the #8 spot for the team with 5,489 yards, nearly a thousand more than what Jefferson has at the moment. But for a player to jump into a list of the top ten pass catchers in franchise history in less than three full seasons, particularly one with the sort of history at the position that the Vikings have, is just one more reason to be impressed with what #18 is doing out there.