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Vikings Moving On

After a devastating loss to the Detroit Lions and only the third of the season, the Minnesota Vikings look to fix what ails them. Ryan and Jonas discuss what it’ll take against the Indianapolis Colts to right the ship and win the division.

On this Vikings Happy Hour … Your Minnesota Vikings are coming off a defensive disaster in the loss to the Detroit Lions. Is defensive coordinator Ed Donatell the one to be blamed? Who knows, he doesn’t think so. The Vikings are moving on. Next up, the Colts.

UFF da! The bar full of Lake Monster Brewery’s best is open. We’re going to talk about Minnesota Vikings football. The Vikings are handed their third loss to an inner-division rival, the Detroit Lions. The Vikings Happy Hour crew will recap the game and move on. More specifically, what is going on defensively? Is it the definition of insanity? How can we improve both defensively and in the run game? These are questions the crew will look to answer. We will also be looking ahead to the Indianapolis Colts and how we can improve upon our woes to get past this tough defensive team.

Discussion topics the bartender has lined up for episode 076 are:

- Recap the defensive disaster. What’s going on? What can be done? Is this salvageable in the playoffs?

- Recap offensive running woes. Why is it struggling?

- Talk positives from the game. Justin Jefferson/Kirk Cousins/etc.

- Looking ahead to Colts.

- Getting healthy the difference here?

- Predictions

As always, we’re sponsored by Lake Monster Brewing and That’s Badass Wood Art. Make sure to get your Minnesota Vikings decoration holiday gifts by going to That’s Badass Word Art. Be sure to use the discount count we mention in our show!


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