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Defense? What’s Wrong? | Viking Hot Takes

Who’s to blame for the Vikings’ defensive woes? Can it be salvaged? How many more wins this season? How many more yards for Dalvin Cook? That and much more in the latest episode of Viking Hot Takes. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Thursday nights mean for more Viking Hot Takes . This week, the guys got together to debate “Defense?” and “What’s Wrong?”

After the last game against the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings’ defense has had five games in a row where they’ve given up more than 400 yards. What is terribly wrong with that side of the ball? This heavily weighs on Flip’s and Eric’s minds heading into Viking Hot Takes. Will the defense give up that many yards against the Indianapolis Colts? Let’s hope not because the division crown is up for grabs yet again. It is time for the Vikings to finally rule the North?

Flip’s questions:

1. I blame _____ for the bad 2022 defense.

2. What will be Minnesota’s final regular season record?

3. Dalvin Cook will finish the season with ____ rushing yards.

Eric’s questions:

1. Is the defense salvageable at this point in the season?

2. Would you bet over or under 0.5 playoff wins for this team?

3. When will the Vikings win the NFC North?

Fan with us!!! Flip Mazzi @Flipmazzi and Eric Thompson @eric_j_thompson go back and forth, a spot by producer Dave @Luft_Krigare as part of a @Climb_ThePocket Network & @DailyNorseman production. Provided by our newest partner at CTP, Lake Monster Brewing @LakeMonsterBrew as we venture beneath the surface in search of something unknown and extraordinary. This is in their wonderful beverage selections and our coverage of your favorite team. And if you are into some rocking wood art (like Eric has in the background), check out That’s Bad Ass Wood Art at @thatsbadassmn.