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Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings: Second quarter recap and third quarter discussion

It’s bad. Like, real bad.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

We’ve reached halftime in Minneapolis with the Minnesota Vikings absolutely getting throttled by the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 33-0.

The Colts started the quarter in position to add to their lead, and they did that on a 28-yard field goal from Chase McLaughlin to make it 20-0 less than two minutes into the frame. The Vikings took over again at their own 22 and, once again, faced a 4th-and-1 from their own 31-yard line. This time, the Vikings lined up in punt formation. . .and attempted to run a fake, but Ryan Wright couldn’t connect with Jalen Nailor and it was another turnover on downs.

Again, the Colts got a McLaughlin field goal, this one a 49-yarder to make it 23-0. The Vikings got the ball back, went three-and-out, and managed not to do anything stupid in the meantime. That’s a win at this point.

The Vikings had a touchdown taken off the board on the Colts’ next drive as the defense forced a fumble from Michael Pittman Jr. that was recovered by Chandon Sullivan and returned for a touchdown, but the officials. . .for whatever reason. . .blew the play dead well before they should have. The Vikings then started at their own 5-yard line on the next drive.

And then Kirk Cousins threw a pick-six. as his attempt for Jalen Reagor was picked off by Julian Blackmon for a 17-yard touchdown to make the score 30-0.

The Vikings punted it away again on their next possession, and the Colts added more points before the end of the half on another McLaughlin field goal, a 27-yarder with a few seconds left in the quarter to make it 33-0 as they head into the locker room.

This is just about as ugly as it can possibly be, as the Vikings trail the Colts by a score of 33-0 at halftime at U.S. Bank Stadium. If you’re still watching this one. . .bless your heart. . .and come join us for the third quarter.