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Vikings can recapture Linear Super Bowl title on Saturday

Taking back what’s rightfully theirs

NFL: Super Bowl LVI-Los Angeles Rams Championship Parade Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the Linear Super Bowl title for 2022 is going to be on the line this weekend in Minneapolis.

With the New York Giants defeating the Washington Commanders on Sunday Night Football by a score of 20-12, they captured the Linear Super Bowl title that had been on hold since those same two teams tied back in Week 13. That means they’ll be bringing the title to U.S. Bank Stadium this Saturday. . .whether they know it or not.

For those that aren’t in on the bit yet, the Linear Super Bowl title was bestowed upon our Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 after they humiliated the Green Bay Packers and their fan base cried like Nancy Kerrigan about how the Vikings treated the game like their “Super Bowl.” The title then resided with the Philadelphia Eagles for much of the season until they lost it to the Commanders, and the Commanders held it until their tie with the Giants in Week 13.

At that time, the Linear Super Bowl Executive Committee. . .and by that I mean “the guys behind the Norse Code podcast”. . .decided that the title would be held up until the two teams met again. The Giants then won, giving the title to them.

So, the Vikings could potentially take the title back on Saturday when they host the Giants at U.S. Bank Stadium in the regular season home finale. Of course, if they do defeat the Giants and take that title, there’s the possibility that they could lose it back to Green Bay the next week.

Circle of life, Simba.

I know that the Linear Super Bowl isn’t a real thing or anything, but it’s still kind of fun to keep track of. . .particularly because it has its genesis because of a team that, over the past couple of years, had basically had the NFC North wrapped up by this point of the season.

2022 Linear Super Bowl

  • Week 1 - Minnesota Vikings (defeated Green Bay Packers)
  • Week 2 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 3 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 4 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Week 5 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Arizona Cardinals)
  • Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Dallas Cowboys)
  • Week 7 - Philadelphia Eagles (bye week)
  • Week 8 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Week 9 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 10 - Washington Commanders (defeated Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Week 11 - Washington Commanders (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 12 - Washington Commanders (defeated Atlanta Falcons)
  • Week 13 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 14 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 15 - New York Giants (defeated Washington Commanders)