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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 13

Time to get our picks out there!

NFL: OCT 30 49ers at Rams Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have, once again, reached the part of the week where all the folks that power your favorite website for all things Minnesota Vikings lets you know who we’re picking for the week of NFL action. We’re getting close to the end of the season and our races. . .or, at least, a couple of them. . .have gotten interesting.

Here’s how everyone fared in Week 12:

  • Ed Brodmarkle: 13-3 straight-up, 10-6 against the spread, 8-8 over/under
  • GA Skol: 12-4 straight-up, 5-10 against the spread, 8/8 over/under
  • Eric Thompson: 11-5 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 6-10 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 11-5 straight-up, 5-10 against the spread, 4-12 over/under
  • Mark Pittman: 10-6 straight-up, 7-9 against the spread, 7-9 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 9-7 straight-up, 7-9 against the spread, 7-9 over/under

Ed had a pretty damn good week all around, including lapping the field on the spread picks. And just one week after yours truly led all of the Tallysight selectors across the league on over/under picks (going eight games over .500 on those picks), I went and gave it all back a week later. Woof.

Here’s how everyone stacks up in the three major categories at the 23 mark of the season:


  1. Eric Thompson: 112-67 (.626)
  2. Ed Brodmarkle: 110-69 (.615)
  3. Mark Pittman: 109-69 (.612)
  4. GA Skol: 108-71 (.603)
  5. Warren Ludford: 106-73 (.592)
  6. Christopher Gates: 106-73 (.592)

Against the Spread

  1. Mark Pittman: 99-76 (.566)
  2. Eric Thompson: 91-84 (.520)
  3. Ed Brodmarkle: 79-80 (.497)
  4. Christopher Gates: 86-89 (.491)
  5. Warren Ludford: 85-90 (.486)
  6. GA Skol: 81-93 (.466)


  1. Ed Brodmarkle: 93-85 (.522)
  2. GA Skol: 90-89 (.503)
  3. Eric Thompson: 88-91 (.492)
  4. Mark Pittman: 87-90 (.492)
  5. Warren Ludford: 87-92 (.486)
  6. Christopher Gates: 80-99 (.447)

Everyone is within six picks of each other in the straight-up picks, and five of six are that closely bunched in the over/under picks. Mark still has a pretty comfortable lead in the spread picks, but even that is significantly tighter than it was a few weeks ago.

With all of that out of the way, here are our picks for this week in the NFL, brought to you by our friends at Tallysight. As always, picks are subject to change right up until kickoff of each individual game, and point spreads and other numbers might vary based on when each person punched their picks into the system. For the latest lines and numbers on each game, you can always check out the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Unanimous Picks

5-1 Picks

4-2 Picks

3-3 Picks

Unless my memory is failing, I think that might be the fewest unanimous picks we’ve had in any week this year, and I’m certain it’s the most 3-3 picks we’ve had for any week. There might be some movement in the standings this week in one direction or the other with this much disagreement.

But, however they shake out, those are our picks for the National Football League in Week 13. How are your picks going thus far, folks?