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Mini Kirko Chainz will be back this Sunday

A nice gesture from the team

New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

One of the more light-hearted moments from the Minnesota Vikings’ win over the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving featured a young man named Lincoln. As part of a tribute to the newfound persona of Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins, the young man was shown on NBC and the U.S. Bank Stadium scoreboard dancing the way Cousins had in a viral video from the Vikings’ trip home from their huge win in Buffalo a few weeks ago.

Well, it appears that QB1 thought it was awesome, because he’s making sure that Lincoln and his family will be back this weekend when the Vikings face the New York Jets.

The Vikings have released a video of Cousins getting in touch with young Lincoln and informing him that he and his family will have tickets waiting for them for this Sunday’s game.

It also happens to be Lincoln’s birthday this week. How old will he be turning?

8. Of course.

Kudos to Kirk Cousins and the Vikings for helping to give this young man something that he and his family likely won’t forget any time soon. Here’s hoping that their presence proves to be a good luck charm for the Vikings again this Sunday as they look to, potentially, wrap up the NFC North.