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Garrett Bradbury involved in car accident, not seriously injured

Though he did tweak his back, apparently

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings’ center Garrett Bradbury told reporters on Tuesday that on Saturday, following the Vikings’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts, he was involved in a minor traffic accident on his way home from the game.

Bradbury avoided serious injury in the incident, and all the parties involved are fine. However, Bradbury did say that he “tweaked” the back injury that has caused him to miss the Vikings’ last two games.

Bradbury didn’t get too deep into the details of the incident, other than to say someone turned when they weren’t supposed to and, with the snowy/icy conditions, an accident happened. We’re just happy that everyone’s okay as a result.

It sounds like Bradbury will be working with the trainers to try to get his back right again. We don’t know what this means for his status as it concerns Saturday’s game against the New York Giants, but with the Vikings having wrapped up the division title by defeating Indianapolis the team can afford to take things a little slower with him.

Here’s hoping that Garrett Bradbury recovers fully and in enough time to ensure that he’s 100% for the playoffs.