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A Moment of Reflection

The greatest comeback ever not only resulted in a Vikings win but also having Flip asking to do the first FMF in almost two years. What a season!

On this episode of Fifteen Minutes⏱️ with Flipmazzi - It’s time for an FMF Special when Flip texts you and says he wants to do one. Flip wants to take a moment of reflection. Your Minnesota Vikings come off of a truly historic come-from-behind victory over the Indianapolis Colts. In the game, there were many players that stepped up. They had to. It was a struggle that took everyone, not just on the field, but the fans in the stands cheering to build momentum and to power the Vikings to victory. In that, they won the NFC North Division crown for the 2022 season. As it sits right now, they are the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs. The worst they can do is fall to the #3 seed. The best would be to win the NFC’s #1 seed, but that would require the Philadelphia Eagles to lose out. That is unlikely, but we can all hope.

Join flip as he discusses these points below in this FMF special edition.

1. The Turning Point

2. The Unsung Heroes

3. Playoff Expectations

4. Next Man Up

Next up… Beat the New York Giants.

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