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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 15 Colts at Vikings

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Just like Saturday’s Best, there are a lot to choose from. What a debacle of a first half for the Vikes and equally debacalous (made that word up) 2nd half for the Colts.

NFL Referees

Why are the refs nincompoops? Twice…Twice! They cost the Vikings a defensive TD in this game with a quick whistle. The first was understandable (still wrong) as they called forward progress stopped on the Colts WR and Chandon Sullivan scooped and scored the TD. The second time, the ball was out with the RB standing straight up and still moving forward. The ball hit the ground long before the whistle and it wasn’t even in a pile. Sullivan picked it up without anyone near him and ran it in. That almost cost the Vikings the game and is likely the reason it went to OT in the first place. Just terrible calls. There was also a clear hit on Justin Jefferson to the head that clearly should’ve been considered for ejection. There was 0 attempt from Stephon Gilmore to avoid helmet contact and he led with the crown of the helmet. Just poor officiating overall. Also, should out to Scary Terry getting screwed by the refs in Washington.

Matt Daniels (Special Teams Coordinator)

Why is Matt Daniels a nincompoop? The Special Teams were a disaster! The opening kick off was returned to the 48. The punt on the Vikings’ first drive was blocked easily for a TD. There was another kickoff in the 2nd half that was returned to the 40. The kickoff after that to the 33. Dallis Flowers, kick returner for the Colts, had 175 yards and an average of 35 yards per return. The field goal unit was on point, everything else about special teams was bad.

Jeff Saturday

Why is Jeff a nincompoop? Any time your team is up by 30+ points an loses, the coach is an idiot. It’s impossible to give up a lead like that. His team was spiraling, and Jeff had no answers. He isn’t a real head coach and has no business in that role. It is clear he is in over his head and this game was prime example of it. They had every advantage possible in that second half and couldn’t hang on. The Colts are a poorly coached team right now.

Jalen Reagor

Why is Jalen a nincompoop? Jalen was the cause of two interceptions, one of which was a pick-six. He stopped in zone coverage and waited until Cousins was about to throw to try to slide away from coverage. Easy pick-six and an understandable mistake, but a mistake, nonetheless. The second interception for Jalen was just a lack of effort. Jalen stopped running his route as the ball was in the air. He didn’t see it to late and it was an easy interception for Rodney Thomas II. Jalen is fighting for playing time on offense and this game will be used as exhibit A as to why he doesn’t deserve more time. He had his chance to fill in for JJ and he blew it.

DirecTV (NSFW language ahead)

Why is DirecTV a nincompoop? Have you ever tried to use their service? Is it raining, snowing, windy or just a little branchy outside? No service for you. You want streaming…fuck you. You want the NFL package available, get a bulky satellite and get treated like shit. The only reason DirecTV has existed so long is they had the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Well, in 2023, it’s going to YouTube TV. Steaming live sports!?!? What a novel idea!!!! Good riddance you money grubbing idiots. You had something that could’ve been great, and you pissed it away. They should be in prison for how incompetently they handled the NFL. DirecTV streaming should’ve been the biggest platform.


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