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What’s the Identity of this Team? | Viking Hot Takes

We’re still trying to figure out the largest comeback in NFL history. Which side of the ball had the better day? Is Saturday’s game against the Giants a playoff preview? Will JJ get 2K? That and much more in the latest episode of Viking Hot Takes. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and hang out with us. SKOL!

Over five days removed from the 33-point comeback, we still can’t completely wrap our heads around exactly how the Vikings pulled it off. But regardless of how they did it, the 11-3 Vikings are finally champions of the NFC North for the first time in five seasons. Next up: a Christmas Eve showdown against the New York Giants, fresh off a big division win and looking to further cement their playoff status. Will New York’s tough defense make the Vikings revert back to their first half against the Colts form, or will the Vikings keep their improbable season rolling by whitewashing their flaws yet again in the Winter Whiteout game?

Flip asks:

1. Where did you watch the largest comeback in NFL history?

2. Which unit had the better game against the Colts, Offense or Defense?

3. When should the Vikings start resting their starters?

Eric asks:

1. Which is closer to this team’s true identity—the first half Vikings or the second half Vikings?

2. Which team will the Vikings host for their first playoff game?

3. Will Justin Jefferson reach 2,000 yards receiving?

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