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Vikings vs Giants - Whiteout

From everyone wearing white to what it takes for the Vikings to beat the Giants.

On today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers - your Minnesota Vikings are coming off the biggest comeback in NFL history where they defeated the Indianapolis Colts 39–36. What a wild game. Now it is time to look ahead to the New York Giants and keep that number two seed in the NFC for the NFC playoffs and the best chance in the quest for their first Super Bowl win ever.

The first Darren wishes to give his last words on that absolutely dramatic game last Saturday. Unfortunately, he was one of those people that left after halftime. It should be good to hear his thoughts on the subject. …And give him grief, of course.

Then we get into our quick hitters for today. There is one apology that Darren wishes to extend and I tend to agree with him. He can count Dave in on this one as well. Over what? That he and Dave advocated for KJ “Ozzy“ Osborn to be overtaken by Jalen Reagor on the depth chart and with playing time. Osborn had his greatest game to date. He was a key factor in the Vikings winning the game. Reagor on the other hand… It gets frustrating sometimes.

Then we will dive into that New York Giants team with head coach Brian Daboll. He is up for coach of the year in the NFL. I think Vikings fans might disagree a little bit thinking that Kevin O’Connell with the Vikings' 11–3 record is a better coach, but Daboll is doing a great job with what limited resources he had in New York, and this game may prove to be a little bit tougher than purple fans would like. all that and more on today’s 2OB.

Theme #1: A few words about the greatest comeback in NFL history

Theme #2: Quick hitters

K.J. Osborn– I apologize

Protecting Justin Jefferson

The Vikings' not-so-special teams

Theme #3: Vikings vs Giants Preview

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