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SB Nation Reacts Results: A rise in confidence and potential Vikings playoff opponents

Lots of good stuff this week!

NFL: New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in for this week’s SB Nation Reacts polls for our Minnesota Vikings, and we’ve got some pretty good questions to talk about this week, so let’s get to it.

The first question we’ll look at is, as always, our standard question about how confident our fans are in the direction of the team. After bottoming out a bit after the loss to Dallas, things picked up significantly after Thanksgiving’s victory.

We are back up to 89% of our respondents that think that the Vikings are heading in the right direction. It’s not a season high or anything, but it’s a huge step up from the 58% that we had dropped down to after the loss the previous week. I think this team is definitely moving in the right direction, honestly. . .a couple of hiccups aren’t that big a deal.

Now, we also asked you folks about which of the Vikings’ potential playoff opponents you’d feel most and least confident against in January. Since the Vikings have all but wrapped up the NFC North, we focused on the teams that actually seem to have a realistic chance at winning a Wild Card spot, so that’s what guided the choices we had available.

We’ll start with the teams that Vikings fans would be least confident in facing in the Wild Card round.

Not surprisingly, the majority of our readers selected Dallas, which makes sense given the beatdown that they placed upon our favorite team just a couple of games ago. The other team that got the bulk of the votes in this one was San Francisco, who (as we’ve mentioned) now carries the moniker of “team nobody wants to see in the playoffs.” A few folks are scared of Seattle and Washington, and apparently the Giants didn’t get a single vote.

Now, on to the teams that Vikings fans would feel the most confident against in the first round of the playoffs.

We actually have a tie for the top spot here between Seattle and Washington. I thought that the Commanders might find their way to the top of this one given that the Vikings have already beaten them once (despite Washington getting large amounts of help from the officiating). It doesn’t look like a lot of folks are buying into the Seattle renaissance, either. The Giants came in third in this one, though we might get a better gauge of that when those two teams meet at U.S. Bank Stadium in the Vikings’ home finale.

Those are our Reacts results for this week, folks! Thanks to everyone that took the time to respond to our poll, and we’ll be back next week with more questions for you to answer.

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