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Vikings vs Jets | The Final Score

Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Jets 27-22 in another blood-pressure-raising close game. React with us!

On this episode of Climbing The Pocket’s “The Final Score”, we react with you! Vikings win! The Vikings win! The vaunted defense of the New York Jets has come to town. Can the Minnesota Vikings keep winning ways on track? Somehow, someway, they did. Will Kirk Cousins be hot to throw a lot of receptions? No. He had a bad day, but he did make some clutch throws when it was essential. Can the defense stop Mike White and the Jets’ offense? When they had to at the end of the game. It was another cardiologist special down to the last 10 seconds. Will Sauce Gardner travel with Justin Jefferson from side to side? He did not. Can Kevin O’Connell increase his win total against a team that cut him years ago? Yes, he can. The Vikings are now 10-2 baby! The Vikings took an early lead, but are looking to give it all back. Why do they do this? We still want to know. Do they want another chance at a comeback? No, but they did let it become way too close for comfort. The fans wanted them to put away the Jets, but have failed to do so. At least the Ed Donatell defense has held the Jets to 5 field goals so far. That was short-lived, but they came through in the end with a Camryn Bynum interception on 4th and goal. Ugh… Let’s go Vikings!

All these questions, and more as we react at the end of the game, in the final two minutes, with Climbing The Pocket’s ‘The Final Score.’ Join us and share your frustrations.

1) Highlights

2) Lowlights

3) Speed round and your questions

4) What’s ahead

The Final Score [the name for CTP’s Postgame show] is here. There are 4 regulars and the occasional guest. The focus will be on you the fan, and how you felt the team did—hopefully racking up the wins in the regular season. Today, Tyler, Flip, and Dave will be here. Did you like what you saw?

Fan with us!!! Guest Tyler Forness @TheRealForno. Regulars Jayson Brown @brownjayson, Flip Mazzi @Flipmazzi, Matt Anderson @MattAnderson_8, and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare producing this @Climb_ThePocket’s & @DailyNorseman’s production partnered with Lake Monster Brewing @LakeMonsterBrew and @thatsbadassmn.