Question for the old timers-

So the more I watch our team on D I appreciate the high level play and production of Eric Kendricks & Harrison Smith. These two have been carrying the D for a long time now, with some stellar DL in support at times but none lasting, partially because of the demands of the position wearing them out, but it's not like LB and safeties don't wear down and yet these 2, week in and week out, year in and year out are the clear leaders and MVP's on our D.

So my question is where do y'all rank these guys on your mental lists of all time Vikings LB's and Safeties?

I alwyas have trouble balancing recency bias with nostalgia bias and have a fairly spotty memory in general, so normally I kind of answer my own questions first in these situations, but this time I'm going to sit back and if I get replies, read them before weighing in and possibly changing the way people would have voted.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to weigh in.

Oh and feel free to do this for Thielen too, if you want.


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