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2022 Linear Super Bowl Title currently on hold

So it is written, so shall it be done

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Kickoff for Charity Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, we’ve been tracking the Linear Super Bowl championship for this season. It started when the Minnesota Vikings “won their Super Bowl” back in Week 1 over a not-very-good Green Bay team, causing legions of bitter fans to declare that the Vikings actually treated that game with the same level of reverence as a Super Bowl.

Because they’re dumb, you see.

Unfortunately, the Vikings lost the Linear Super Bowl title the next week to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles then held onto it for quite a while, eventually surrendering it to the Washington Commanders about three weeks ago. The Commanders had held onto the virtual trophy since then, but yesterday. . .as if ordained by the football gods. . .they played to a tie with their division rivals, the New York Giants.

So. . .what happens to the Linear Super Bowl title in this case? Well, the committee has ruled. . .and by “committee” I mean “the guys behind the Norse Code podcast”. . .and they have determined that, in the words of legendary WWF/E ring announcer Howard Finkel:

This contest. . .MUST CONTINUE!

As such, the Linear Super Bowl title is on hold until Week 15, when the Giants and the Commanders will have their rematch in Washington. Whoever wins that game will take possession of the Linear Super Bowl title.

Unless they tie again. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The NFL, obviously understanding the importance of this, has flexed the Giants/Commanders game into the Sunday Night Football time slot for Week 15.

This means that, if the Giants should defeat the Commanders in Week 15, our Minnesota Vikings will have an opportunity to regain the title in Week 16 when they face the Giants at U.S. Bank Stadium. If Washington retains, it will remain out of reach.

With that, here’s your full Linear Super Bowl timeline for this season:

2022 Linear Super Bowl

  • Week 1 - Minnesota Vikings (defeated Green Bay Packers)
  • Week 2 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 3 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 4 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Week 5 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Arizona Cardinals)
  • Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Dallas Cowboys)
  • Week 7 - Philadelphia Eagles (bye week)
  • Week 8 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Week 9 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 10 - Washington Commanders (defeated Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Week 11 - Washington Commanders (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 12 - Washington Commanders (defeated Atlanta Falcons)
  • Week 13 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 14 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie