"Yards Don't Equal Points"

"Yards don't equal points."

That's a quote from Ed Donatell, mastermind of the Don't-A-Tell-Me Defense, as in, don't tell me how much yardage we give up because I'm fine with it. 600 yards for the opposing team? That's just fine.

That statement by him is a curious blend of truth and lie, the obvious and the obtuse.

Yes, we all know yards do not equal points. If a team completes a 10-yard pass, the scoreboard operator does not put ten more points on the score. So it is true and it is also insultingly obvious. No duh, Ed! Tell us something we don't know! Like, for instance, tell us how to stop opposing offenses in three downs and they have to punt. Oh, but you can't tell us that, can you?

Why? Because you don't know how.

Now, in what way is that statement also a lie and an obfuscation?

I'll take the second part first. A defense's job is to get the ball back as fast as possible from the opposing team. Our defense has not been doing its job, not well, not average, not even below average. We are one of the two worst defenses. Ed is trying to say yards do not matter, but they do. He is putting lipstick on a truly ugly pig of a defense. He is putting lipstick on himself, pretending all this yardage giveaway is all according to the great Donatell master plan.

Believe me, if our defense allowed the fewest yards in the NFL, Ed would be first in line to brag about that. But he can't do that now and he never will be able to do that because he is poor at his job. He will never even have a Top 10 defense. Go ahead, Ed, prove me wrong. I dare you.

So he pretends yards do not matter when they do and, though he does not directly lie when he says what is as obvious as saying the sky is blue, "Yards do not equal points," he is being purposely deceptive or he is even more clueless than already suspected. God help us if he actually believes it.

Although yards do not directly equal points, yes, they equal points. Ever heard the phrase, "It's a game of field position?"

Why do we want a good punter who can consistently punt 50 yards? Why not just employ a cheap one who kicks it 30 yards? Why do we need a good punt and kickoff coverage team? I mean, hey, according to Ed, yards do not matter. Why on 3rd and 19 do we want to get a completion for 11 yards instead of take a sack? Either way, no first down and no points and, according to Ed, yards and therefore field position, do not matter.

The statement by Ed is wildly silly. Over the course of time, yards allowed will equal points. Besides, he makes the statement as if by points allowed we have a great defense. That is another way he is being deceptive. With a statement like that, you'd think we had the top D in points allowed. Or at least Top 10, right?

We are 21st in points allowed. Well below average. We've allowed few or no TDs to punt and KO returns or fumble or INT returns as we did last year. Take those out of the point equation (as they should be because they do not reflect on the D) then I'd guess we are not even improved over last year's terrible defense as per points.

In other words, Ed has nothing to hang his hat on and nothing to be proud about.

Yards mean field position and field position, over the course of time, means points. When the Don't-A-Tell-Me defense allows an opposing offense to gain three first downs and 35 yards, but does not allow points, guess what? It costs us points. How? That is time our offense is not on the field and cannot score points. And, when they do get on the field, when they start at the 21 instead of the 43, they are much less likely to score points.

So, yards do not directly mean points but they do mean points. If Ed does not know this then he is clueless and a worse DC than I thought. If he does know this, then he is gaslighting us.

We have great talent on defense. Fantastic talent. A decent DC would have this defense at least middle of the pack. A good one would have us Top 10.

The problem is not talent. Not with Harrison Smith, Patrick Peterson, Dalvin Tomlinson, Harrison Phillips, Danielle Hunter, Eric Kendricks, Z. Smith, and so on. That's already 7 players who've made the pro bowl or play at that level. Hicks and Bynum are no slouches either. We have good depth and we've been fortunate with few injuries and none season-ending.

None of those things are the problem.

New defense? Many teams have a new defense. This is normal. Look at the Chicago Bears. They have a new defense, lost Akiem Hicks in free agency and traded away Roquon Smith, Khalil Mack, and Robert Quinn. Arguably their best three defenders. That would be the equal to us trading away Hunter, Z.Smith, and Kendricks. Well, guess what? They have the 20th defense in yards allowed. We have so much more talent, a wealth of difference, and we are 31st.

Make no mistake, our defense is a debacle. It is shameful. We make plays despite the scheme not because of it. We get turnovers in part for the same reason our defense last year got so many sacks: our D is on the field all the time and has so many more plays in which to make a play. Of course it leads to more sacks and turnovers. But not nearly enough to justify all the yards, all the time of possession, all the plays our offense can't make on the bench, or all the points either.

21st in points allowed is not good. That is Ed's big defense? "It may look like our defense is 31st but, uh, give me credit, we are actually 21st. But, uh, if you take out points allowed by special teams and the offense, we drop back down to 28th. So, uh, as you can see, our defense is just fine and right where we want it to be."

Oh, and to those who say it is adjustment issues even thought a third of the teams, all of them ahead of us, faced that same issue? We allow an average of 398.7 yards this year. Which is worse than last year's 383.6. And our points allowed, 21st, is hardly much better than last year's 24th.

We've averaged 398.7 over this year but in our most recent games we've allowed 486, 458, 409, and 486.

That's right, folks. We have a terrible defense and it is getting worse and worse, much worse, as the year goes on.

Okay, enough of that rant. I know we won't replace Donatell during the season but we also know he must be replaced after the season. If not, then our HC and GM are not as competent as we hope.

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