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The Vikings defense: reliability or a liability?

Grab your Lake Monster Brewing beer or favorite cocktail and join the debate over the Vikings’ defense. Are they up for the playoffs?

On this Vikings Happy Hour … Your Minnesota Vikings have been consistently winning all of these one-score games. Is it because the defense shows up when needed the most?

Vikings Happy Hour is back after a slight hiatus! Fresh off another thrilling victory for the Vikings, the guys ask the question. Is this Vikings' defense reliable or a liability as we look toward the postseason? And with the NFC North almost a sure lock for the Vikings, we shift our attention to the playoffs and break down ideal playoff matchups to see if their 9-0 record in one-score games is sustainable or if we should be waiting for the other shoe to drop! Be sure to grab your Lake Monster beer and join the show!

Discussion topics for episode 076 are:

- Vikings Defense (liable or reliable)

- 9-0 in one-score games, should we be nervous

- ideal matchups in playoffs

We make a local media prediction each week on Vikings Happy Hour but not this week.

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Fan with us!!! The regulars: Matt Anderson @MattAnderson_8, Ryan Ortega @sportsguyry, Myles Gorham @MylesGorham85, and Producer Dave @Luft_Krigare enjoying another @LakeMonsterBrew. This is a @Climb_ThePocket & @DailyNorseman production. The show’s Twitter handle is @VikingHappyHour.